Helping Children orphaned by Covid-19

Established by Mr. Than Thanh Vu - the Founder of Vietnam Tourism Property Association (VnTPA) and SaoKhue Group, an entrepreneur & longterm philanthropist in HCMC., and together with his friends who have pledged to contribute money, effort, expertise, LOVE, relationships and reputation to advocate for helping the children orphaned by Covid-19. We are looking for the volunteers and sponsors - who have the same compassion for children, to join us.  Whatever you contribute is highly appreciated. The children do need our helps and our warm hearts 

Raising a Hand

Our purpose

To contribute our own money, effort, expertise, relationships, LOVE, reputation and to mobilize the social community, the government to contribute to creating Thuong Tre Tho as a warm home to care for and raise up the children with good education, nutrition, respect, protection, etc.

Operating on a sincere, non-profit, efficient, transparent platform!

To join us

Bank a/c of Thương Trẻ Thơ (TTT) - Compassion for Children

A/c number: 6822111974 

Bank: MB - NH TMCP Quan Doi - Cu Chi Branch

(Military Commercial Joint Stock Bank - Cu Chi Branch)

For other sponsorship or join us as a volunteer, please contact:

Email: / Mb: 0947768726


What the meaning of Thuong Tre Tho (TTT)

Thuong Tre Tho in English means Compassion for Children. You can call us TTT. We do love children and we want to care for them.

How to make sure the donated money is used properly and effectively?

  1. Transparency & Professionalism are the key.
  2. We form a professional Executive Board that operates under a strict regulation to make the best and most effective use of every dollar from us, our friends, relatives and the sponsors.
  3. The founding board will supervise each activity, each expense
  4. All details of in-out money, contributions, costs are available for viewing and checking by anyone participating as a member, sponsor or partner.
  5. We welcome any suggestions for improvement.

What are the criteria for an orphaned child to be sponsored by the Program?

  1. Criteria will be adjusted time by time. It is dependent on the development of the Program Fund, management and administration capacity.
  2. At the beginning, We focus on the most difficult child cases of below 12 years old.

How to find an orphaned child?

(1) Introduced by the community, govt. authorities, etc... (2) Directly contacted by the child's relatives (3) Found by our networks of volunteers

What benefits does a sponsor get?

  1. You will be assured and proud that the precious money you sponsor is used to protect, take care and well develop a child.
  2. You are listed on the sponsor board.
  3. You can visit the activities of taking care of the children, taking pictures with the children.
  4. You can register to get in an activity of Thuong Tre Tho.

What can I sponsor for Thuong Tre Tho?

(1) Money (2) Labours (participating in operating, supporting collaborators, sponsoring, networking, communication, services of design / management / financial / audit / construction / engineering /technology, etc.) (3) Neccesary things (including necessities, medicines, clothing, equipment & school supplies, etc.) (4) Land and facilities (5) Services: legal, medical, health care, education, sports training, insurance, etc. for children. (6) Working as a nanny / godparent / foster parent taking care of the children; or find nannies, godparents, foster parents. (7) Introduce the Thuong Tre Tho Program to other participants. (8) Join the canvas. (9) Find and introduce children who need help.

How long has Thuong Tre Tho been in operation?

  1. Thuong Tre Tho was just formed on September 18, 2021, during the outbreak of Covid-19.
  2. We hope that with the participation and companionship of sponsors, the government, social organizations, collaborators, partners, volunteers, etc.... Thuong Tre Tho will help as many orphans as possible.

Does Thuong Tre Tho cooperate with the government?

We prioritize cooperation with the related government agencies. We need the government to support, accompany and share together.

Does Thuong Tre Tho require foreign funding?

We sincerely ask for sponsors which are foreign individuals and organizations to participate in sponsorship. We appreciate your contributions.

How much will each child receive?

We try to help an orphaned child, depending on each case, as following: (1) Finding foster parents. (2) Finding godparents. (3) Finding a nanny. (4) Finding an orphanage to send the children + sponsor money. (5) Sponsoring money + nanny. (6) Funding money. (7) Legal supports. (8) Education support. (9) Health care, medical services. And other necessary supports. ***Note: According to our research, the minimum full cost of care for 1 child including foods, medicine, health care, education, clothes, books & learning equipment, nanny, management, electricity, water, petrol, facilities, houses, wifi, etc. of around US$400 /month. It can be more or less depending on the current costs of living.

How many Covid-19 orphans need help?

According to the official data of HCMC, there are more than 1.500 orphaned children. The actual number may be much higher.

Besides Thuong Tre Tho, is there any other program to help orphaned children?

There are many other programs run by both public and private sectors. However, according to our survey, many orphans still can not have enough helps.

How much has been contributed to the Thuong Tre Tho Fund?

We started calling for donation on September 19, 2021. On that day, we received a commitments to sponsor nearly vnd 500 million. We appreciate every contribution, no matter how small.

What is the difference between Thuong Tre Tho (TTT) and the other charity funds / organizations?

  1. The Founder firstly contributed his own money, time, efforts, FULL LOVE, relationships and prestige to start this operation.
  2. We help children without personal or business interests.
  3. We just love children and contribute our warm heart for them.
  4. All activities are transparent.

Operation update as of Oct.9th, 2021

For only 20 days from the founding day of Sep.18th, 2021:

  • We have found nearly 500 children orphaned by Covid-19. We have done detailed surveys of nearly 20 cases. (updated as of Oct.8th, 2021)
  • Over 50 sponsors and volunteers have joined us.
  • We have contacted and obtained the collaboration from related govt. agencies and local social communities.
  • We are now arranging needed helps to those first 20 cases.
  • We happily keep our dedicated works more and more for the beloved children.
Please join us to help our beautiful children!

'Family is the best environment for children's growth'

According to UNICEF expert, even children who are orphaned by both parents, cared in an alternative family environment in the community is better for growth. Covid-19 came and left thousands of children orphaned. Discussing the form of nurturing and education to help these children have the best future, Ms. Le Hong Loan - Head of Child Protection Program, UNICEF Vietnam shared her thoughts to ensure children's rights. (Mrs. Le Hong Loan - Head of Child Protection Program, UNICEF Viet Nam. Photo: provided by author) (1) How do you evaluate the organizations that help orphans during Covid-19? Covid-19 has had an impact on many aspects of children's lives. Thousands of children are orphaned because their parents died due to Covid-19. The care and protection of children must be a priority in local pandemic response efforts. We appreciate the interest and support of individuals and organizations wishing to help orphaned children due to the pandemic. However, UNICEF does not recommend orphanages. Studies comparing the costs of home care and home care around the world have shown that this type of care is much more expensive. Many studies and evidence around the world show that intensive care can negatively affect the physical development, cognition, attention ability, social skills, mental health of children. (2) What are the disadvantages of an orphanage? Orphanage is difficult to meet children's personal growth demands such as the need for attachment to a primary caregiver, emotions, and difficulties in social integration. Children living in an orphanage are at risk of neglect, violence, and abuse. They also often have lower academic performance, loneliness, and stigma. The International Convention on the Rights of the Child provides that children have the right to live in a family environment. Family is the best environment for children's development. Therefore, it is necessary to have solutions to prevent the separation of children from the family during Covid-19. (3) In your opinion, which form of support is suitable for them? Kind of support should be based on the actual needs and specific circumstances of each child. Then, appropriate care and support plans for each child based on their rights and needs will be developed. The family environment is the best for the all-round development of children. Separation of children from the family should be avoided. Children who are orphaned by a mother or father need to be supported to live in their own family environment. Even for children orphaned by both parents, care in an alternative family environment in the community is a better solution for holistic development. What needs to be done immediately is to find an alternative care family for the children such as staying with relatives such as grandparents, aunts, uncles, uncles, or looking for individuals or families to adopt them, and arrange for siblings to live together. (4) What are the necessary considerations when choosing a family environment to raise children? Organizations should pay attention to the actual conditions and capacity of the person/family taking care of and nurturing the children. This ensures safe development, avoids the risks of violence, abuse and exploitation of children's labor, and has timely support policies for adoptees. In addition to the support of the government, it is necessary to mobilize support from the support staff, and the cooperation of social organizations and individuals to support the children to overcome difficulties and losses in life. Orphanage should only be applied when we could not find other solutions and should be considered as a temporary solution, with the shortest time and a plan for children to be reunited with family and relatives when possible. (5) How do you classify children for the most appropriate help? The local government should urgently organize a research and make a list of orphaned children because of Covid-19. Then we need to assess the actual needs of each situation in order to have appropriate care plans and policies based on their rights and needs. In fact, each child will have different problems and needs. For example, there are children who need support and interventions in many aspects such as arranging alternative carers, providing food, nutrition, and resources for them to go to school and learn a job. However, many children only need psychological support to overcome the psychological crisis, some children will need help with legal procedures. The research should accurately assess the circumstances and conditions of each case. The evaluation of children's needs should be carried out by staff with knowledge and skills in social work and child protection. The government needs to play a key role in supporting children. It includes providing emergency support during the pandemic, providing long-term support, and supervising the placement of the most appropriate forms of care. Specific interventions and support for orphans due to Covid-19 need to be comprehensive and flexible to adapt to the specific needs of each individual. Lê Nguyễn (VnExpress) Here the original version of this interview by VnEpress:

Orphaned children's information?

Every child is a human individual. They need to be fully respected, nurtured properly, and protected from harassment. Therefore, we protect their private information. We only share the required information with those who sponsor each child individually. For each child, our experts make a careful survey to have a detailed overview of the children's current situation. Click here to see an orphaned child profile done by our survey



Photos of our activites

Sometimes, It took us a week with many challenges to find out the current location of an orphaned child!

We are so grateful for the dedicated assistances of our volunteers, sponsors, partners!

Some of our initial sponsors & volunteers