'Live Fully in Vietnam'

We have carried out a survey in an Expat Group of over 100,000 members in Vietnam for their opinions to this new slogan by Vietnam Tourism Authority to promote foreign tourists to the country.

We do hope that this report will reach the related leaders of Vietnam Tourism Authority and Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism.

Here below are the comments:

  1. 'Sound cliche', Huy Hoang, Houston, Texas, USA

  2. 'Makes no sense', Jeremy Canuto, Italy

  3. 'Lolol, give me an hour. I'll be back after I stop laughing', Bobby

  4. 'Maybe if they'd give us longer than one month visas and not charge so much for extending them', Jonah Charney

  5. 'Just a marketing', Thu Mai, Vietnamese

  6. 'What's that supposed to mean?', Jonni Olivares, USA

  7. 'a bit tacky', Warrena Lieu

  8. 'this is Vietnam. Its a world of cheesy and tacky. Just look at interior designs of apartments for rent and u might get it', Dewey Duy Tran

  9. 'Doesn’t make much sense. Maybe lost in translation. Not much market research into that one', Steve Brown, Australian

  10. 'Sounds like Google Translate', Trong Nhan Nguyen

  11. 'Google must be the most reliable govt agency here', Vitaly Chetverikov

  12. 'Guaranteed that's where it's from lol', Grant Perkins, Australian

  13. 'Unless you have family there in which case - stay away you aren't welcome', Bernard Allen, Philippino

  14. 'I guess for the people that are seperated from their families and cant enter with a tt family visa, this may be a good in', Will Marston(Will), Canadian

  15. 'Strongly disagree. Why foreign residents (with spouses in Vietnam) do have to go under the status of 'tourists'? For fuck sake, haven't we contributed enough to the country to be allowed equal, easy and simplified entry to the country?? Even a foreigner with 'Vietnamese blood' is more privileged. I am disgusted by Vietnam's foreign policies', Kai Marcus Schröter, German

  16. 'If you are looking for a marketing slogan to attract foreigners to Vietnam then it is important you get a prefessional marketing firm with native English speakers to come up with a slogan which has meaning!', Stephen Guess, UK

  17. 'The problem is not the slogan. The problem are the restrictions. No slogan will be able to obfuscate the reality here', Vitaly Chetverikov

  18. "Dinner costs two dollars, a taxi costs one. Hows YOUR cost of living, America?", Clayton Wilkins

  19. 'Yeah, let's not care about Vietnamese wages or improved standard of living, right? What a myopic answer', James Rothstein, foreigner

  20. 'agreed, Vietnam needs more prefessionals!!! 😉', Keith Hancock, UK

  21. 'Was this slogan created by fully-functioning adults', Vitaly Chetverikov

  22. 'Living fully would be living without quarantine on arrival', Dom Reed

  23. 'maybe "Living 50%/75% in Vietnam* ? Or "Living Fully In Vietnam* (conditions apply) ?', Grant Perkins, Australian

  24. 'It's like that quote from dating sites "live life to the fullest".kind of makes my skin crawl', Ken Byrnes, USA

  25. 'Living fully in vietnam ??? Wtf is that even mean 😅', Kentdrick Nguyen

  26. 'living and visiting are two different things, this won't apply for tourism because these are short visits and not actually living in Vietnam. Both are different experience.', Jon Salonga

  27. '"Immerse Yourself in Vietnam" is probably what they meant', Grant Perkins

  28. 'Good slogan-the nation offers so much for tourists', Greg Plouffe, Canadian

  29. 'yeah, sex tourists. come visit Vietnam, and experience what it feels like to swim with piranha! 😂', Jeff Pou, USA

  30. 'Fail', Jason Wang, USA

  31. 'As in after I have eaten Thanksgiving dinner. I’m stuffed, comatose and “living fully”…?', Jon Myers, USA

  32. 'Just open with no quarantine on arrival and you can say whatever you want', Andy Hamlin, USA

  33. 'There no living fully', Harry Ritchie, USA

  34. 'Well, it makes ppl wondering about its meaning', Dũng Thế Ngô

  35. 'It seems about as deep and alluring as most marketing professionals can muster. Which is to say, not very.', Gareth Craze, New Zealand

  36. 'Joke', Reymond Giger, Switzerland

  37. 'I don’t get it', Amanda-Jane Fairey, New Zealand

  38. '“Living bully in Vietnam” can be more accurate.... ', Gwen Lefebvre, France

  39. 'Don't quit your day job', Aye Tee

  40. 'Maybe they are talking about food hahahha', Lan Lebeau, USA

  41. 'Maybe the Chairmans Relative is studying Marketing', Anthony R Shepherd, Australian

  42. 'Where do is sign up?', Brian Patterson

  43. 'Strange slogan for a country that has been increasingly limiting the duration of tourist visas', Marcos Tejeda

  44. 'Exactly! Will be misunderstood as promoting expat life in Vietnam. Does not connote enjoying touring Vietnam.', Paul Govier, UK

  45. 'Living fully in quarantine for 7 days...don't think so.', Paul Govier, UK

  46. 'and yet instead of staying home people keep coming.', Dee Earl

  47. 'Maybe they mean once you’re here you can’t go back . . . ?', Vitaly Chetverikov

  48. 'as opposed to "living off visa extensions"?', Harry Hodge, Canadian

  49. 'Typical VinaBabble', Adam Teach

  50. 'They should have hired me for a better, more grammatically sensical, slogan.

  51. I would have done it for free too.

  52. I think they are trying to say "live to the fullest in Vietnam" or "live your life to the fullest".', Alison Delaney

  53. 'Too long for a pitch phrase. Right idea though.', Joseph JL

  54. 'they probably just meant travel quarantine free. Lol', Steve Csikos

  55. 'so if what you want to say has to be short but cannot be shortened, butcher it and say it anyway? 😂 😂', Alison Delaney, USA

  56. 'No. 😅 They shouldn't have butchered it. That campaign slogan they came up with is a dud.', Joseph JL

  57. 'Makes utterly no sense whatsoever lol 😂 mind you the majority of Vietnam doesn’t either anyhow… 😂 a nice Darwin Award Slogan maybe lol 😝', Scott Hebden

  58. 'If they want to attract real tourists to vietnam many things need to change. One of the main and key highlights of why people are turned off by visiting here are the roads and simply how dangerous it is and polluted it is. U can come to Vietnam on holiday for a week and get hit by a car driving on the side walk by an idiot driver. These are real life things that have happened in the past. If a foreigner is robbed there is no real protection against it as the cops want bribes to carry out investigations. To attract tourists back to Vietnam the mentality needs to change dramatically.', Jonathan T Clarke, UK

  59. 'where can you walk on a pavement in Vietnam unless it's in a park? Normally they are full of parked up motorbikes unless you live where there are no motorbikes?', David James, UK

  60. 'Oh man they took my YouTube handle.', Gabriel Meranze Levitt

  61. 'Drop the online visa, teach the food industry workers about basic service (smile, no fingers in the glasses, and so on) and tourists might consider coming. I sadly wouldn't recommend my family and friends to spend money to come visit me.', Eric Decamps

  62. 'Fingers in glasses yum! the new slogan for lots of places should be finger licking good 🤣😅🤣', Harris Laurence

  63. 'let's not forget clipping nails and petting cats in the middle of the restaurant', Mario Čogelja, Croatia

  64. 'they need to create a digital nomad visa FFS! then lots will come!', Cristos Petropoulos, Australia

  65. 'Visas are very very expensive', Tirasol C JRogel

  66. 'why? Maybe you can not pay

  67. No say expensive,many take visa , and do extention

  68. When we love.... .nothing is expensive', Francis Rigoreau, France

  69. 'at least, i hope they got this for free', Pierre Vu, France

  70. 'Need 3 month tourist visa', John Braun

  71. 'agree, 1 month don't take you anywhere except 1 city. You need a few days to extend yr visa, then a week to get it back. That leaves you about 18 days left to travel.', Alan Tan

  72. 'Legalize prostitution and weed would help', Tony A. Nguyen, Canada

  73. 'prostitution is kind of an already major scene, plastic trophy gfs and sugar baby's are strife for many years', Bobby

  74. 'Living to the fullest', JM Camarena

  75. 'OP asked opinions about the slogan and the illiterate answered with complaining about the Vietnamese society.

  76. Amazing 😂😂😂', Joacim Krantz

  77. 'Seems lazy to me - why pay an advertising agency to come up with something that boring - if you have to explain a slogan, it’s not good 🤣', Sierra Stonebrook Cheveux, UK

  78. 'I don't like it at all', Steven Marshall

  79. 'Glad Vn is opening up again', Dan Mchugh, Australia

  80. 'Nice', Linh Chi, Vietnam

  81. 'Too bad they can t come!', Lili Dubois

  82. 'Humor', Michael Memmi

  83. 'Visiting yes, but not living', Kien Le, Vietnam

  84. 'I still like "Vietnam, timeless charm!" better...', Maurice Melvin Robielos Asuncion

  85. 'hidden charm was funnier', Pierrot Siquet

  86. 'It's horrible. As a writer and writer trainer, this is exactly the stuff I teach my students not to do. But I assume those who made it aren't native speakers, and aren't sure what natural English sounds like. So I don't blame them for messing it up.', Kevin Meng

  87. 'Zero tolerance for this BS. One can and must expect better from local tourism authorities aiming at foreign markets.', Kai Marcus Schröter, Germany

  88. 'awful', Tony Williams

  89. 'would make more sense if you spell the last word with double O...', Click Ed

  90. 'Living fully... how? Sounds more like they recovered from ICU😎', Pierrot Siquet

  91. 'I think what they mean to say is "Immerse Yourself in Vietnam" (copyright lol!)

  92. but Google Translate is so terrible with Vietnamese =-O', Grant Perkins, Australia

  93. 'Doesn’t make any real sense, must be either an incorrect translation or just not well written

  94. Don’t think it was written by a native English speaker 🤔', Peter Keating, UK

  95. 'Well, I have been living fully of mostly Grab foods during the +3 months of lockdowns, so they got that right.', Warrena Lieu

  96. 'LoL', Nicolas Albernhe, Canada

  97. 'So No restrictions masks or social distancing.', Martin Karlsson

  98. 'Marriages will be increasing drastically ', Sean Donovan, USA

  99. 'Bring your ATM OR CASH', Charlie Scinta

  100. . 'Would be interested to know how it translates into other languages, or indeed if the English version is the translation considering the majority of tourists to Vietnam are not English speaking natives.', Ashley Nichols

  101. .'Ive been told that English has become the language of tourism as it often acts as an intermediary L2. Reach a bigger portion of the world, I suppose?', Clayton Wilkins

  102. '. 'would be interested to know how it translates to English', Haig Conolly

  103. '. 'Considering no one can move to live permanently in Vietnam...More like Vietnam: enjoy while you can ! You may get run over by a car or your visa expires and then ... The end.', Jon Cruz, Spain

  104. . 'Sometimes the best marketing is to get a reaction, to get engagement etc. If it was grammatically correct or made sense, we would have never noticed it. I would intentionally misspell things just because everyone would comment trying to correct it, and the engagement would go up.', Sasha Mai

  105. ' "It's more funner in Vietnam"', Jacob Lin

  106. ' 'Thanks for the tip! their you are! I will done that from now on...', Henrik Pontoppidan, Denmark

  107. '. 'Be ready to live fully', Tram Le, Vietnam

  108. '. 'there is a way of living half full in VN?', Vu Thuy Linh, Vietnam

  109. '. 'yes. I, for one, merely exist.', Vitaly Chetverikov

  110. '. 'yes, everyday I experience this state. Usually around 10am, when breakfast is a little bit digested and lunch time is not quite there.', Ryan Phung, Singapore

  111. . 'Living ignorantly, blissfully, poorly, carelessly, recklessly....anything but fully... 😉', Tuan Huynh

  112. '. 'Could be worse… I have seen a menu in a Mongolian BBQ where squid was listed as ‘ink farts’ and mushroom was ‘fungus’… Or how about the header in a menu which I guess should have been something like: ‘Our Argentinian beef cuisine’ but it was: ‘From the Argentinian cow in the kitchen’ 🤣', Henrik Pontoppidan, UK

  113. . 'restaurant menus are hilarious 😂 Wrt fungus, “black fungus” is a commonly used name for one kind of mushroom. I think there is white fungus too. I also find it weird the first time, especially with the recent black fungus situation in India 🤔', Ryan Phung

  114. . 'Living fully vaxxed in Vietnam', Daniel Hazen Stebbins, Thailand

  115. ' Totally agree . Having lived in Vietnam almost 5 years and other asian countries cant agree more. Its a great country with people having a growth mindset', Sabby Roy

  116. 'let's explore culture landscape people Vietnam. That simply but enough means', Cho Thue Xe May

  117. 'Is that mean « fully vaxxed » with 4 doses and « fully tested 3 times » ?', Duke Pham

  118. 'fooly true', Pierre Vu

  119. 'better slogan: "it's a beautiful wolrd"', Harry Hodge

  120. 'Should be "travelling" or "visiting". "Living" is not a thing tourists do. What a terrible word choice.', Phan Vũ Thanh Hoàng, Vietnam

  121. 'There are places were not welcomed. SO...', Francisco Flor

  122. 'SaigonTourist could actually have come with this slogan as well...in 1993...', Christian Bouaziz, France

  123. 'waiting paitiently for the gates to open again', Sam Watterson, UK

  124. 'I’m just frustrated that those living here cannot go to visit certain places, but tourists can. I just moved here and want to visit Hoi An but have heard it’s only open for tourists. 😔', Ambre Bosko

  125. 'Well we have ‘fully’ lived here for 5 years and consider Vietnam our home, but my boyfriend had to return to the uk for a family emergency and has been stuck there ever since in spite of having all the correct paperwork. So tourists can come in for a holiday but he can’t come home 😞', Anouska Parr, UK

SaoKhue Team