'Live Fully in Vietnam'

We have carried out a survey in an Expat Group of over 100,000 members in Vietnam for their opinions to this new slogan by Vietnam Tourism Authority to promote foreign tourists to the country.

We do hope that this report will reach the related leaders of Vietnam Tourism Authority and Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism.

Here below are the comments:

  1. 'Sound cliche', Huy Hoang, Houston, Texas, USA

  2. 'Makes no sense', Jeremy Canuto, Italy

  3. 'Lolol, give me an hour. I'll be back after I stop laughing', Bobby

  4. 'Maybe if they'd give us longer than one month visas and not charge so much for extending them', Jonah Charney

  5. 'Just a marketing', Thu Mai, Vietnamese

  6. 'What's that supposed to mean?', Jonni Olivares, USA

  7. 'a bit tacky', Warrena Lieu

  8. 'this is Vietnam. Its a world of cheesy and tacky. Just look at interior designs of apartments for rent and u might get it', Dewey Duy Tran

  9. 'Doesn’t make much sense. Maybe lost in translation. Not much market research into that one', Steve Brown, Australian

  10. 'Sounds like Google Translate', Trong Nhan Nguyen

  11. 'Google must be the most reliable govt agency here', Vitaly Chetverikov

  12. 'Guaranteed that's where it's from lol', Grant Perkins, Australian

  13. 'Unless you have family there in which case - stay away you aren't welcome', Bernard Allen, Philippino

  14. 'I guess for the people that are seperated from their families and cant enter with a tt family visa, this may be a good in', Will Marston(Will), Canadian

  15. 'Strongly disagree. Why foreign residents (with spouses in Vietnam) do have to go under the status of 'tourists'? For fuck sake, haven't we contributed enough to the country to be allowed equal, easy and simplified entry to the country?? Even a foreigner with 'Vietnamese blood' is more privileged. I am disgusted by Vietnam's foreign policies', Kai Marcus Schröter, German

  16. 'If you are looking for a marketing slogan to attract foreigners to Vietnam then it is important you get a prefessional marketing firm with native English speakers to come up with a slogan which has meaning!', Stephen Guess, UK

  17. 'The problem is not the slogan. The problem are the restrictions. No slogan will be able to obfuscate the reality here', Vitaly Chetverikov

  18. "Dinner costs two dollars, a taxi costs one. Hows YOUR cost of living, America?", Clayton Wilkins

  19. 'Yeah, let's not care about Vietnamese wages or improved standard of living, right? What a myopic answer', James R